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We are in strategically important cities around the world, driving the global conversation around new mobility.


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>> LA CoMotion (November 2019): Annual flagship conference gathering public and private leaders of the Mobility Revolution from around the world.

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>> MIAMI CoMotion (June 2019): MoU in place with Mayor Carlos Gimenez and City of Miami-Dade County on new annual event with focus on New Mobility in the Americas.

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>> COMO3000 (November 2019) World’s first long-distance Electric Car Rally, between New York and Los Angeles.

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>> InMotion Europe (Q4 2019) MoU with France’s largest mobility operator to organize an annual event in Europe, focusing on smart mobility solutions for Tier 2 and 3 cities. First event in France in Q4 2019. Second planned for Amsterdam, Q4 2020.